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Strengthen Our Border

Some estimate as many as 12 million illegals have entered our country since the Biden administration opened the borders. That is greater than the population of many of our states!  Cartels and rogue nations are amassing billions in assets and weapons by exploiting these migrants with false promises, and then forcing them into drug and human trafficking.  Texas must take the lead in stopping this.  Cindi Bulla will make border security a top priority through funding and support of an all of the above approach to stopping the flow.  She will support and fund state law enforcement efforts, and support heavy penalties for cartel members and those caught trafficking.  Cindi will support efforts to hold the federal government accountable for its dereliction, and the cost to Texas taxpayers. We are not a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

Cut Property Taxes

Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. While the recent $18 billion historic tax cut was a step in the right direction, we must ensure it is not wasted through runaway spending. Cindi Bulla will protect families struggling to keep up with high inflation, rising rates, and economic uncertainty by championing  spending transparency measures to help further control and reduce property taxes.  Texans must have a stronger role in deciding if, how and when the government can tax them and spend THEIR money.

Secure the Panhandle’s Water Supply

We must also work to ensure adequate and sustainable water for future generations. Our Texas Panhandle producers and workers rise before the sun daily to provide the food, fuel, and fiber our state and nation depend on. They are the lifeblood of our economy and our conservative values. We all have a stake in their success, and a mandate to work together to keep our water here at home and explore all possibilities for long-range solutions.

Protect Texas Kids And Support Quality Education

Schools should be places for education, not indoctrination. Schools must teach our children how to think critically, not what to think. Cindi Bulla will prevent woke agendas from being introduced into classrooms by giving parents more control over their child's school curriculum and educational journey. She will also provide public schools with more resources to ensure the high quality of education. Bulla knows our rural schools are the center of their communities, and those communities are the lifeblood of our value system and much of our economy.  She will always support our local schools, whose students and teachers are the foundation of our society.

Improve Rural Healthcare

Cindi Bulla cares deeply about the Panhandle residents and wants them to have the highest standard of living in Texas. She will push programs that expand medical facilities in rural areas, support doctors and nurses with essential resources, and increase healthcare’s overall affordability. Texans deserve only the best medical services. 


Expand Rural Broadband

The internet connects every household, business, and state agency — Few can live without it in the 21st century. Disconnected Texans are currently missing the necessary equipment and technology for accessing work from home options, education, research, healthcare, and shopping information. Cindi Bulla aims to increase rural connectivity by encouraging partnerships between private and public entities. She believes Texas must continue to invest in affordable and reliable high-speed internet.

Strengthen our Border
Cut Property Taxes
Secure the Panhandle
Improve Rural Healthcare
Protect TX Kids
Expand Rural Broadband
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