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" We proudly support Cindi Bulla for Texas House District 87. Her strong West Texas conservative values, proven leadership skills, and years of dedication to the community make her the clear choice in this election. The hard-working people of the Texas Panhandle deserve a principled, experienced leader – and we know Cindi Bulla is the right choice.”


- TREPAC Chair Ben Rodriguez

"...the embodiment of a true leader. I cannot think of a more qualified Representative to advocate for you in Austin," 


Andrea Sturdivant, Sec/Treas Lubbock Association of REALTORS®

"...she's exactly who we need making important decisions for Texas and our country,"

Cathy Colvin, NAR Regional VP for 6 state mid-western region

"...your leadership with passion and commitment is what Texas needs,"

Nancy Garcia, past Chair Texas REALTORS® PAC

"...I watched Cindi lead Texas REALTORS® through COVID. I can only imagine how great she will be in the legislature!"

Sherri Strickland, Central Texas

Paul and Jenny Harpole
Former Mayor of Amarillo

Becky Dodson

Travis Kessler

Tim Garrett

Andrea Sturdivant

Jason Herrick

Eric and Cristine White

Mike Hughes

Dean Crump

Don and Twanna Powell

Tony Lloyd

Danny Skarda

Gordon Davis

Robert Drury

Trevor Caviness

Andy and Denise Marshall

Renae Pretty

Corey Bentley

Kaki Lybbert

Jef Conn

Kay Spiva

Jeff and Pam Varnell

Denise and Howard Price

Shana Acquisto

David Kent

Deborah Spangler

Bill Evans

Alisha Austin

Cady Thomas

Brian Smith and Leslie Rouda-Smith

Steve LaRue

Rhonda Flowers

Mike Wong

Nancy Garcia

Danelle Schmucker Barber

R Leatherwood

Job Hammond

Jennifer Parker

Candace Cooke

Ryan and Sarah White

Brett and Annika Spalding

Jason Ault

Helen Benton

Shawn Walsh

Les and Leona Grubbs

Bob Juba

Amy Juba

Donna Smith

Jason Ault

Andrew Hall

Dee Miller

Oth Miller

Greg Mitchell

Wade Porter

Bill Lardie

Cathy Bailey

Nicole Shannon and Brad Howard

Mary Ann Engler

Stacia Lusby

Larry D. and Laresa W. Chesley

Melissa Kalka

Catie Goss

Mark K. Bivins

A. Gordon and Cheryl Clark

Warner and Becky Reeder

Brandon and Monica Kuhn

Ceila Welsch

Tommy Y

Lyndsey Pippin

Minnie Venable

Laura Street

Rick and Mary Maxey

Steve and Melissa Atchley

Vana Puckett

Denise and Howard Price

Christian Zbinden

Anita Moon

Rebecca Ray

Lynae Jacob

Justin Moon

Leona Grubbs

Melissa Atchley

Nancy Garcia

Leona Grubbs

Marcus Phipps

Cheryl Clark

Rhonda Flowers

Tammy Mercer

Douglas Campbell

Joe Kidd

Michael Hutton

Brenda Bell

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